Thursday, 23 August 2012

Garden pests

Look what we found in the garden!
Archie did his special 'Get the hedgehog' roar and we both scratched and sniffed furiously at the
scaffold plank leaning against the back fence which it was hiding under.
The Madwoman dragged us away and told us it was very welcome,
and good for the garden.
So are we.
We're always watering plants and things to help out.
And we're very decorative too, of course - and all the year round, unlike flowers.


Joan Lennon said...

Blimey - biting that would do you a mischief!

madwippitt said...

Very true - we did get a bit confused between 'spicy' and 'spiky' once and ended up at the vets with multiple perforations - the hoggy got shipped off to St Tiggywinkles where the Madwoman made another hefty donation and it was logged in as'dogged'. And yes, unlike us, it was fine!