Thursday, 15 December 2016

Getting ready!

We have been a bit busy getting ready for Christmas,
which has made us a little late posting our blog.
Exercising the Madwoman too ...
First of all there has been practicing the working-up-of-an-appetite
ready for our turkey dinner.

Then there has been the eating-of-the-Advent-calendar biscuits.
These have not always been arriving on the right days, 
so that sometimes we have had to force ourselves to eat two gravy bones.
The Madwoman is not very good at keeping track of the days of the week it appears.
We will be adding it to the already lengthy list of her faults.
Soon it will be time for us to help put up the Christmas decorations
- which we do, of course, need to prepare ourselves for, by taking a little nap.


Joan Lennon said...

I love you two in purple - you rock!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan!