Sunday, 4 December 2016

Feeling festive!

It was all looking very festive this weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Typically, the Madwoman's usual incompetence meant that
she got the opening times mixed up and we arrived an hour early.
However, that didn't stop us mooching around and annoying people
as they rushed round trying to finish setting up.
There were Victorians everywhere,doing festive things ...
there were some really lovely craft gifts ...
Not to mention a stand-in for Rudolph, being decorated by a reluctant elf. 
We rushed the Madwoman off to the woods before she got any ideas about
garlanding us with tinsel, paused for a quick kiss
under the mistletoe and then, feeling suitably Christmassy, 
went home to write out our present list for Santa.


Joan Lennon said...

And now it's properly December, I'm happy to join you in getting Christmasy! Wassail! Etc!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan! We wanted to go wassailing but the Madwoman said we were quite disturbing enough without going the extra festive mile. We have no idea what she is blathering on about ...