Monday, 26 December 2016

Belated Christmas greetings!

So there we were, all ready to broadcast our Christmas message to the nation, and then the Madwoman in true Grinch style said she wasn't going to turn the interweb on during Christmas day.
So we are sorry it is late, but here it is now:

Have fun.
Be kind to everyone.

(Actually we nicked it from John Finnemore's ultimate bucket list,
but it is so good we thought we'd steal and then repeat it)

And now we are off to watch the Madwoman swabbing down the kitchen.
We could have told her it wasn't a good idea to turn the half-full bottle of Bucks Fizz upside down to mix up the contents.
No matter how gently it was done.
But who would have thought it would be quite that lively?
Very few parts of the kitchen have escaped.
We're thinking it is maybe karma for not letting us
do our Christmas broadcast yesterday.

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