Saturday, 10 September 2016

On location

It was like something out of the X-Files ...
mysterious super-bright lights shining through the trees at Chiltern Open Air Museum ...
Bravely we tiptoed closer ...
... and then an eerie mist started to seep through the undergrowth ...
Well, if Mulder and Scully needed rescuing,
obviously we were the wippitts to do it ...
As we inched cautiously forward, we found it wasn't aliens at all.
No, it was Horrible Histories back filming for a seventh series.
Ah, we remember the halcyon days when they filmed the first one,
and all the actors were a bunch of unknowns who gathered round on the village green
to stroke us, exclaim over the softness of our ears and
exchange wippitt anecdotes ...
 ... we hear they have now broken into films.
Or possibly broken some films.
(We are wippitts, not movie buffs.)
Here is a behind the scenes shot of the atmospheric smoke being made.
It smelled really horrible, so we didn't hang around.
Besides, someone had just said 'Turn over' which we believe is the new-fangled
and rather boring way of shouting "Lights! Camera! Action!"

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

They missed a trick there, not getting you out in front of the cameras! That's star quality you've both got, for sure.