Sunday, 18 September 2016

A sad week


It's been an odd sort of week.
The secure paddocks which the Madwoman hires for us to use four times a week.
have been sold, so we had our last zoomies there on Friday. It was wet enough for raincoats, but we made the most of it.
We've been lucky enough to have the use of them for ten years,
and have had lots of fun there, but we shall miss them. 
There was another farewell this week too,
as Angel's sister Grace-in-America went to Rainbow Bridge.
This is the candle we lit for her. 
The Madwoman decided we needed some cheering up so we
went to Chiltern Open Air Museum yesterday.
We ate blackberries ...
Then we stared reprovingly at the goats, who we suspect of
eating lots of the blackberries ...
And then we came home for a snooze.
It will be our birthdays soon, so we multi-tasked while napping,
thinking of presents to put on our wish-lists ...
We're thinking that this year, a new paddock will be at the top.
Although sucking pig will come a close second.


Penny Dolan said...

Sorry to hear of the lost paddock, Madwippit. and hope you can find somewhere else for their zoomies soon.

Joan Lennon said...

Sympathetic hugs and pats all round. And don't forget the continuing joys of roast turkey.

Sue Purkiss said...

Best wishes for the upcoming birthdays!

madwippitt said...

This must be a record ... three comments on our blog! So this is what it is like to achieve celebrity status!
Thank you all, darlinks ...