Sunday, 12 June 2016


Yes, it has been a bit of a pooey weekend ... but not in a bad way.
We went for our usual weekend ramble (or in the Madwoman's case, stumble over her own feet - she lacks our elegance and grace: another of her many faults) around Chiltern Open Air Museum, and found that the medieval peasants had moved in.

No shrubberies round here ...
No sucking pig either ...
There is never sucking pig.
We could become disillusioned but fortunately
we are eternal optimists and live in hope that maybe next time ...
But what's this?
Proof that the peasants were revolting ...*
We marvelled at the extensive knowledge of the Keeper of the Bogs.
But we still have no answer to the mystery of why the Madwoman collects our
poo, but gets grumpy if we roll in it.
Or what she does with our poo, having collected it.
We reckon she presses it like dried flowers and has an album full 
secretly stashed away somewhere.
Mean of her not to share it -
we consider ourselves to be connoisseurs in our own small way. 
* Yes, we know it's a really old joke, but someone has to say it.
And there might actually be someone who hasn't heard it before.

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