Wednesday, 4 November 2015


We are having a bit of a breather today after helping the Madwoman do all the promotional stuff on Facebook for Haunting Hounds*. It's nice to be able to put our feet up after all the endless posing for pictures. Apparently there will be more soon with Christmas coming up. Do us a favour and just go buy a copy - its in a good cause as 50% of all profits are donated to Kim's Home for Elderly and Neglected Dogs And if loads of copies get sold, we might get out of all the modelling. We hear there's a particularly embarrassing reindeer hat. Go buy a book. Please ....

* The Madwoman said we should put a link to it.
But we're rather comfy here on the sofa, and have
every confidence in your ability to go look it up on Amazon for yourselves.
Off you go.


Joan Lennon said...

Your faux-zebra throw looks SO SOFT!!!!

Sue Purkiss said...

And don't Archie and Angel look glamorous!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan and Sue. We try to maintain standards despite the Madwoman constantly letting them slip gutterwards :-)

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