Saturday, 31 October 2015

It's all go at the top ...

Yes, it's been another one of those action-packed weeks.
We started off with Archie's birthday on Monday, (which involved going for a walk at Chiltern Open Air Museum the day before so we could buy his birthday cake at the cafe)
 As we walked back through the woods, the Madwoman suggested having cake al fresco. Strange because we thought it looked like a blueberry muffin. It certainly smelled like a blueberry muffin. Although we have no idea what an al fresco smells like. Maybe its some kind of exotic blueberry?
In the end we decided to save the cake for Archie's birthday proper on Monday.
Nom nom nom.
It was worth the wait.
And definitely tasted of blueberry.
Then there was a birthday walk and games to play ... 
 Unwrapping of presents followed by an introductory tour of the garden with them  

 And then of course, we had to supervise the setting-up and taking-down of all the things for the Halloween Spooktacular at Chiltern Open Air Museum yesterday and today. 

 This year there was a pet shop ...

And there was a real, smoke breathing dragon in one of the upstairs rooms of the pet shop (which was of course, located in Dragon Alley) ... 
And there were goblins playing in the cobblers ...
And a Wolfman in the outside toilet ...
it made the Madwoman squawk a bit when it first jumped out at her,
but we were calm as anything. Naturally.
No point in getting older if you don't get no wiser, as they say,
although this bit of advice appears to have passed completely over the top of the Madwoman's head.
Anyway, we now have to go take a nap because very soon we will have to go and do more supervising, this time of pumpkin-head carving in time for the arrival of trick-or-treaters tonight.

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