Saturday, 17 October 2015


Well, nearly.
It is Angel's birthday tomorrow.
The Madwoman has been out and bought presents
(we saw her hiding them)
and has cooked some turkey
(we supervised her doing it)
and soon we will be going for a walk at Chiltern Open Air Museum, 
where she has promised to buy us our traditional birthday muffin (too lazy to bake it herself)
We'll try and get her to take some pictures of the celebrations to post next week, 
although you've seen what she's like with a camera, so don't hold your breath ...
Waiting for my birthday to start.
Hurry up.

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Joan Lennon said...

Happy Birthdays! (Archie's is soon, too, isn't it?) When is the Madwoman's birthday? I think I used to know and now I'm confused!