Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A working walk

We went for what the Madwoman describes as a 'working walk' this morning.
This turned out to involve her stopping every time we had got going in order that
she could take photos for a book she's planning to do with a splinter group from
Authors Electric ( a writing thingy which we help the Madwoman contribute to. You can find out more HERE). We pointed out that she is pants with a camera - as you have all 
witnessed on these pages - but it didn't deter her one bit from leaping around snapping away.

Another tiresome and chilly break while we wait for trees
to pose for the Madwoman. 
Fortunately we had our nice new warm raincoats on.
We did discover this along the way.
We guess that it's either to stop candles from escaping during the night
or to stop them from being nicked.

And here's the place to line up for a snog with us. 
We are thinking about giving Christmas kisses under the mistletoe in return for turkey.
Who's first? 

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

I'd kiss you for free ... or did I misunderstand the turkey reference?