Sunday, 5 April 2015

You can run ...

... but you can't hide.
Well, you can try, but us eagle-eyed wippitties will find you eventually.
We were promised an Easter Bunny hunt at 
the Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend.
Said so, all official, on the noticeboard.

First we had to decide which direction to set off in

 Welly wanging was in full ... well, wang ... on the village green.
The Madwoman was (surprise surprise) useless at it.
No sign of the Easter bunny either.

We moved on to the Toll House where we
found hot cross buns being toasted.
No sign of Easter bunnies here.
Or offers to share the buns, so we didn't linger long.
And then we spotted it!

The Madwoman had a go at doing a close up of it.
Funny, we'd expected it to be bigger and scarier than this.

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