Sunday, 19 April 2015

A new animal alphabet

No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, we didn't blog last weekend.
We had a lie-in instead. 
Followed by a lazy Sunday.
It was very nice, thank you, apart from the lack of roast turkey.
Liver cake.
Before the Madwoman cut it up into teeny weeny miserly little pieces and then
put most of it into the freezer. Pfffftttt.
The Madwoman did buy a pound of liver and went into a frenzy of liver cake making: it is very nice, but nevertheless it is not roast turkey.

There was a Complaint about not being able to actually see the star of the letter M in our regular animal alphabet. (Not our fault - blame the incompetent photographer. Who will remain Nameless.) So we have gone to great trouble and arranged to have another M. Here it is:

is for    


*Which is just like an ordinary elephant only
making less sense.

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

Well, YOU'RE photogenic, as is the elephant, but liver cake? Not so much. And it's not a substitute for a Madwoman selfie!