Saturday, 8 June 2013

Another eventful week

It has been another eventful week: after getting her stitches out Angel decided to celebrate
by having a mad five minutes doing high speed laps of the garden.
She returned indoors with a big grin and a squashy lump on her shoulder.
Which meant returning to the vets and getting needles stuck in the lump to
siphon off most of the fluid.
She is supposed to be resting, but we went for a short lead walk up at the
Open Air Museum,
working on the principle that if the Madwoman doesn't take us out at all, then we'll
probably do more damage entertaining ourselves by having races up and down
the stairs and hurdling the sofa.
We found that someone had created some very neat mini haystacks in the cherry orchard. 
Angel carefully checked them out before declaring them a safe vole-free zone. 

 And then had a roll around on the grass while the Madwoman screeched ineffectively about not damaging anything else wriggling around in her harness ...

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