Monday, 3 June 2013

Artful wippitts

We had a busy weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
It was playing host to lots of artists: Brian Sewell couldn't make it, so we
went along instead.
The Madwoman was very taken by these Raku sheep and puffin heads.

She was even more taken by the Raku hares.
Here's one being got ready for the kiln. 
The Madwoman started getting a certain glint in her eye,
so we dragged her away quickly before she had a chance to buy one.
She'd already spent a tenner on some coloured glass suncatchers made by Claudia Phipps,
so we thought we'd better nip the spending spree in the bud.
Angel needs a new raincoat more than The Madwoman needs a Raku hare.
We know all about icons of course,
seeing as we're icons ourselves ...

There was art everywhere we looked ...

... Although we weren't sure about this.
Could it be an installation by the Artful Bodger?
Probably best not to have a wee on it, just in case.

 Meanwhile, back on the Village Green, our advice on perspective
went unheeded. We were surprised not to be asked to model either ...
Last port of call was a look at some lovely clocks and clock cases made by David Rodgers.
All made from local trees; there was one made from a tree next to
Elgar's house and the Madwoman started getting that glint
 in her eye again so we suggested it was time to go home ... 

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