Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Windmills in the mist

Can you tell what it is yet?
It was very foggy so we had no idea what the Madwoman was taking us to visit the other day until we were quite close to it.

It got bigger as well as clearer as we got closer. Turned out to be the windmill at Lacey Green. Very ancient.

We looked for mice going clip-clippitty-clop on the stairs but failed to spot any,
wearing clogs or otherwise.
The Madwoman told us that there were only tap-dancing mice in Dutch windmills, 
more specifically those in Old Amsterdam,
so we lost interest at that point and asked if we could go home.


Joan Lennon said...

Love the windmill in the fog picture!

madwippitt said...

The Madwoman kept burbling on about how romantic the foggy stuff was as the windmill emerged out of it. You humans are so strange. We thought the possibility of mice (where? there on the stair, right there ...) was much more interesting! Maybe it's a wippitt thing.