Friday, 9 November 2012

Losing the plot

Believe it or not I CAN tell the difference between a rubber chicken and roast turkey
The Madwoman likes to do a bit of scribbling herself; sadly she lacks our talent and incisive insights, but nevertheless, someone recently suggested that we interview her about her current work in progress. We like to oblige whenever possible, so here is The Interview:

Archie:  So does roast turkey feature in your book?
The Madwoman:  No.
Angel:  Why not?
The Madwoman:  Because it's not relevant to the plot. And anyway the heroine is a vegetarian.
Archie:  Broccolli is a tasty vegetable.
The Madwoman:  Yes, but -
Angel:  It is the perfect accompaniment to roast turkey.
The Madwoman:  Look, there is no roast turkey in this book, okay?
Archie:  Maybe you should consider a rewrite. Featuring roast turkey.
The Madwoman:  No! No rewrite, and definitely nothing about roast turkey!
Angel:  All this talk about roast turkey is making me feel hungry.
Archie:  Me too. What's for dinner?
The Madwoman:  Roast turkey ...

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Joan Lennon said...

Excellent interview - insightful, I felt.

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan. You are evidently a person of great insight yourself to have noticed!