Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Where's the summer?

Dressed for wet weather!
There's been precious little summer weather lately.
It's been so wet that on some days we've even had to put our raincoats on.
If this keeps up we'll need flippers and snorkels too.
Hope all you wippitts that don't live at the top of a hill like we do
are coping with all this weather we're having.


Susan Price said...

Where are their cute little boots? But they look very appealing in their raincoats.
And a good question, whippets - where is the summer? I think I mislaid it in Scotland.

madwippitt said...

Oh, so it's your fault is it? Well at least we now know who to blame!

Joan Lennon said...

Scotland? Nope, not here. Good weather for staying in and watching tennis though!