Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Are you kidding?

What do you mean, do I want to go for a walk?
What on earth makes you think I would want to leave this warm snuggly and DRY fleece to go out for a walk in the rain and get wet?
But don't let me stop you.
Don't forget your flippers.


Susan Price said...

With you entirely, Whippets - I just got drenched between the doorway of Sainsbury's and the car. It was coming down in whippets and you-know-what.
Wish I had a blanket!

madwippitt said...

Well don't just stand there dripping - go get a blanky. But don't expect us to share ours until you're a lot dryer and warmer!

Joan Lennon said...

It's indelicate to mention, but have you ever considered learning how to use a human toilet ...? (Er, this is directed at the dogs, not Sue.)

madwippitt said...

Its a great idea Joan, but our legs aren't long enough for us to reach ...