Saturday, 27 June 2015


No expeditions to Chiltern Open Air Museum for us 
this weekend. Archie cut his paw on Thursday so has been told he has to let it heal up 
a bit before boinging around on it.
So instead we are faced with having to spend the
weekend doing languishing.

Languishing next to the computer.

Languishing in the nasturtiums.

Languishing on the Madwoman's pillows

Languishing on the beanbag

Languishing in the sunshine

Languishing in the shade
Languishing down the end of the garden

Languishing under a fleece
Languishing in a box of gooseberries

Is that enough languishing yet?



Joan Lennon said...

But you do it so well! Hope the paw heals soon -

madwippitt said...

Thank you ... Archie felt so much better today that he attempted to fly from the top of his crate to the front door. Unfortunately he tripped on take off and hit the decks instead, straining his left shoulder again and banging his bonce. The Madwoman has been instructed to cook turkey and ply us with gravy bones to assist healing ...

Joan Lennon said...

Florence Nightingale could do no more.