Monday, 23 February 2015

A day out

We went over to Bath at the weekend to see the Madwoman's horse: she was completely unappreciative of our attempts to amuse and entertain her during what would otherwise
be a very boring journey.

 This is the reason for our trip: apparently Flash let it be known that he rather fancied a couple of carrots. The Madwoman presented him with a whole sack, but very meanly they didn't share any of them with us. Serves him right that he's having a mad hair day.

 Then while we were minding our own business we nearly got stampeded by donkeys.

There they are, stampeding away like anything.
It would have been a close thing if there hadn't been a fence in their way.
Then when we got home the Madwoman had forgotten to leave the heating on,
(yet another example of the incompetence we have to put up with) and it was freezing.
We had to insist on climbing into our pj's and then rested our toes hopefully on the radiator as it very slowly warmed up.

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