Thursday, 15 January 2015

Taking a sound check

We are back!
And with good news - we have decided to form our very own band.

Angel will be playing the stuffed star squeaker

While Archie is going to be the lead vocalist.
We haven't invited the Madwoman to join because it is a well known
fact that where music is concerned she has a tin ear.
We haven't asked her to represent us either as it's already been
established elsewhere in our blog that she is somewhat incompetent - 
and anyway we think her taste in music is rather suspect judging by
the stuff she's downloaded onto her MP4 player.
You can book us by applying direct. 
Cutting out the middleman - or middlewoman - 
will also ensure that we get a bigger share of the gravy bones ...

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

When I was a piano teacher I swore blind that everyone had music in them ...