Saturday, 31 January 2015

Brrrrrrr ....

A bit more snow has fallen, but even without it, it has been really cold.
Archie has become inseparable from his fleecy pj's: every time the Madwoman has stripped them off him he has stood there with all his fur standing on end and teeth pathetically chattering until she relents and puts them back on again. 
When the snow first started the Madwoman pursed her lips and looked speculatively at the pile of coats sitting by the front door, warming nicely by the radiator ready for us to put on. We have a fairly impressive range of clothing: trouble is, we've had it for quite a while now. As we pointed out to the Madwoman, fleece doesn't last forever, and better that the raincoats get torn than our skins ...

So, time for a new wardrobe then. 
We put up with the Madwoman measuring us from tip to tail.
We waited patiently as she hemmed and hawed over different colour combinations (she didn't bother to ask US our preferences. 
And only then did she spot the notice on the website she was about to order from: no more orders taken until the middle of February. 
As if we needed it, another example of her incompetence. So later on today she will look up another website (let's hope they don't do sunshine yellow) and we'll no doubt have to go through the whole measuring up process all over again - because it will be far too much to hope that she won't have lost the scrap of paper she jotted all those measurements down on ...

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Joan Lennon said...

Clothes shopping = nightmare. End of story.