Sunday, 7 December 2014

In which Two wise wippitts and a Madwoman follow a star

A walk with a seasonal feel at Chiltern Open Air Museum yesterday.
They were having a Nativity themed afternoon. 
So we suppose that means we went a bit native.
We arrived early to avoid the crowds and found this star.

So we followed it, as you do.
The Madwoman started humming "We three Kings of Orient are," although
we pointed out that actually we were two wippitts and a Madwoman.
Unfortunately this observation failed to shut her up and instead she just changed the words from Three Kings to Two Wippitts instead.

Our first stop was Jerusalem.
Us wippitts get around you know.
It may look like the village green to you, but the sign was unmistakeable.
As there is a place called Egypt just a few miles away from here, our credulity wasn't stretched too much.
Then we went on to Bethlehem.
The Madwoman said that she visited 
Bethlehem in Wales once and it was just as cold and wet.

Definitely sleeps two wippitts
We checked out the accommodation at the stable: plenty of straw and a cosy looking crib.
But no five star Michelin catering and so we went home. 
Because for wippitts, that's what Christmas is all about: roast turkey.
Evicted from the stable.
We would have invited them home
with us, but there was no spare room on the beanbag ...

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