Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas cheer

We've had another couple of busy days.
We'd no sooner recovered from the trauma of the triennial bathday
when The Madwoman whisked us off to have our annual back
maintenance with McTimoney practitioner Caroline Hicks.
Unlike the bath experience, it was quite pleasant.
And then when we arrived at Chiltern Open Air Museum
we found it all looking rather festive.
We admired our first Christmas tree this year.

We declined the Madwoman's request to have a quick snog under the mistletoe.
We do have our reputations to think of. 

Then we said hallo to Mimi Harker, seen here giving Museum director Sue the
hard sell. 
We liked Mimi, who as a wippitt-lover has impeccable taste in dogs ...
she sells Mimi's-Marvellous-Mixers if you want to check out her FB page.

We dragged The Madwoman away before her drooling created too
big a puddle on the floor and suggested a visit with Santa.
We're only small so reckoned there would
be plenty of room for both of us to sit on his knee.
He wasn't there though ...

  It turned out that we'd started queuing too early.
We passed him being delivered by Shire horse
as we were on the way out.
Yes, that IS a horse. Those antlers didn't fool us for one minute.
Everyone knows that reindeers have red noses too.
Then we helped the Madwoman pick out a winning number from the tombola.

We hoped it might be a roast turkey
or at the very least a box of gravy bones,
but no, it was a bottle of champagne.
The Madwoman was beside herself with glee.


Joan Lennon said...

Loved that shire reindeer - and congratulations on the champagne - ask her for ANYTHING after she's drunk all that, and your luck will be in!

madwippitt said...

We ask all the time for roast turkey ...