Sunday, 21 July 2013

Yes we have no sausages

It was cool enough yesterday morning to go for a walk,
so we hiked off to the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Stalls everywhere as well as a vintage car show ...
our attention was especially caught by
the smell of sausages wafting through the air ...
We walked over to the Iron Age house, passing many signs along
the way which we kept stopping to point out to the Madwoman.

Here's another one!

And look - yet another one ...

 Having worked up an appetite, we walked back, again
pointing out the signs to the Madwoman.
But she was completely disorganised as usual.
Although she'd remembered to bring the camera and plenty of water for us,
she'd left the really important thing at home.
Her purse.
So no money to treat us to a sausage inna bun.

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