Sunday, 14 July 2013

A penny post!

It's mediaeval time at the Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend.
The Madwoman is pretty ancient, so we took her along - we reckoned
that she'd feel right at home.

At last, an attraction guaranteed to interest any self respecting dog!
A mediaeval toilet.

The mediaeval toilet came complete with a mediaeval rat, although
unlike the Madwoman it didn't look its age at all.
No reading matter of any kind though, which would possibly make the Madwoman's
visits a bit briefer.

Then we bravely held this huge stag at bay.
We worried it so much that even after we left it stayed there, not moving a muscle.
Hope it moves before lunchtime as they're planning an archery display
around then, and it will be right in the line of fire.

How mad is this?
Just watching the blacksmith at work
made us feel even hotter, so we left.

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