Sunday, 21 April 2013

Wippitt o'clock

We were going to tell you all about Sharpe's Rifles at the Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend, but although the Madwoman actually remembered to take the camera along, when she tried to use it, the batteries were flat ... 
the incompetence we have to put up with defies belief.
Shame, because the weather has been sunny and perfect for picture-taking.
And also for sunbathing.
The Madwoman says she can tell what time of day it is
by checking on where we have positioned ourselves in order to
best soak up the rays ...

Here is Archie, having taken over the typing chair at the desk, while
Angel stretches out on the top of the crates next to it.
Later on we'll move round, following the sun until
we end up by the French windows at the back.

She's managed to cut off the tip of Angel's nose!
Honestly, as we said, the Madwoman's total ineptitude with a camera
really does know no bounds!


Joan Lennon said...

Lovely sun-soaked dogs!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan! And yes, much nicer than rain-soaked ...