Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Roll 'em!

Lights! Wippitts! Camera! Action!

It's not true that we spend all our time napping (although we are pretty good at it) and to prove the point we thought we'd post an all-action clip. Careful not to blink though or you might miss it ... not because we're running like the wind (which we are also pretty good at) but because the Madwoman is a bit useless with the camera. We went slowly, to try and be helpful, but to be honest we think the Madwoman is probably beyond help. What we really need to show us at our best is a professional film crew. If you'd like to enlist our services, feel free to enquire, but remember our last post: we don't come for free, or even cheap. We might consider getting out of bed for ten thousand gravy bones a day though. Each.

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