Sunday, 16 July 2017

New skills!

You are never too old to learn new skills!
(Well unless you are the Madwoman who continues
to demonstrate her ineptness at almost everything)
It has taken just over a year, but Archie has finally mastered
getting into the Cosy Cave bed without assistance ...


Joan Lennon said...

And now I want a cosy cave!

Shellie Byatt said...

Hello Karen...many years ago I won an auction bid on Greyhound Gap for you to make a papier mache of our lurcher, Flo. You generously made two....and they have adorned our mantelpiece ever since. While clearing out old paperwork this morning I found your 'How to care for your mache houndy' leaflet. I just wanted to say thank you again for your beautiful pieces which visitors always admire.There's no other reason for this message, except that social media always seems to have such vitriol and unkindness on it that I thought I would send a happy thought to thank you for your lovely work. (I did try to say hello via Facebook but as I don't really do FB I'm not sure if it worked. If anything does arrive just ignore it!) All the best. Shellie

madwippitt said...

Oh bless you - thank you Shellie! I remember your pics of lovely Flo well :-) What a lovely thought - and no, I never received anything on FB, but it is very good at tucking things away in dim hidden corners so I'll just go check ... :-)