Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Grand Day Out

 How nice it is to get back to normal!
Now Angel is feeling much better, we had our first proper full length walk
this week, and voted to go to Chiltern Open Air Museum, .
We found that Spring is ... erm ... springing
We checked for trolls at Troll Bridge
(Humans:1, Wippitts:2, Trolls:0, Fallen leaves:beyond counting)
And spotted a wheelbarrow trying to avoid honest toil
by hiding behind a shed.
And that was quite enough for one day.


Joan Lennon said...

I'm so glad to hear you're all 3 out and about, but did 2 of your change your spiffy jackets part way through? What the Madwoman was wearing is, as always, a mystery!

madwippitt said...

Is Slightly Jones peeking over your shoulder Joan? You are too eagle eyed for us and have caught us bang to rights guv. It is, as usual the Madwoman's fault. The picture she took at Troll Bridge was so bad we substituted it for one we did earlier ... only by a few days though. The statistics on Trolls, leaves etc are all accurate: we haven't fiddled with those!

Joan Lennon said...

The smarty-pants in me is pleased! And I never doubted your statistics. You can ALWAYS believe statistics ...