Thursday, 19 January 2017

More languishing

The languishing goes on ...
Angel had a couple of better days allowing us to go visit the Madwoman's horse
Flash at the weekend, but is now back to doing gloopy poopies and - not surprisingly - feeling rather pants.
We are thinking of setting up a pressure group to make the government ban colitis.
In the meantime the Madwoman is busy cooking vats of sweet potato
and this morning had to do a quick dash out to Tesco to buy more turkey mince.
So if we are a bit erratic with our blogs, bear with us:
not only do we have languishing to contend with,
we also have the Madwoman's cooking ...
Our very own turkey mountain
We had to come out to the kitchen to ask the Madwoman
to get a move on with making our lunch.
If you ask us, the room service is getting a bit slack around here
She's not really up to speed on the laundry either.
This used to be a pair of furry slippers.

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Joan Lennon said...

Stay warm and feel better soon!