Saturday, 14 May 2016

Have you missed us?

Well we are back now, so you can stop pining.
Doing convalescing in my sick bed.
Although the bed wasn't really sick at all, so we don't know why
the Madwoman kept calling it that..
It's quite healthy.
And comfy.
Archie has spent some time convalescing and taking things easy:
according to the Madwoman, as well as doing some therapeutic
sunbathing, that also meant taking a short holiday from blogging.
Archie now seems fully recovered and today was our first Saturday
walk back at Chiltern Open Air Museum.

 Our powers of observation are as keen as ever, and out in the woods
by the bodgers camp we found a bald snuffle mat. Sadly, as well as lacking
all its strips of fleece it was also sadly lacking in treats.
Then we said hello to the goats. It has given us an idea for a film project for
Kevin Costner called Walks with Goats. Or maybe something a bit spooky
called In the Company of Goats ... hmmm .... we haven't tried scriptwriting yet.
But we think that we could be really good at it.  

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Joan Lennon said...

I have missed you and glad your convalescing is going well. Soak up that sun!