Saturday, 11 July 2015

A walk on the paint side

Not so much a walk on the wild side this morning as a stroll on the art side.
Yes, it's Arts Fest weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum.

The Madwoman was quite taken by these ...

We watched artists at work ...

Icons posing with icons ...
(yes, that is real gold leaf and real lapis)

Meanwhile, over at the forge, leaves were being made.
No, not feet: they are in focus and the leaf isn't, purely due to the Madwoman's inability to point a camera with any degree of competence.
Regular visitors to our blog will be accustomed to this by now.
Also in the forge were these Raku hares and animals.
The Madwoman was smitten by these too.

And then the Madwoman bought a lino cut.
We think it might be Santa Paws.

And in Arborfield Barn there was a chance to have a go yourself ...

... so we did.
Pawprints on virgin canvas.
And then, exhausted by our artistic endeavours we went home
for a well earned snooze.


Joan Lennon said...

Gorgeous art! And is that your Madwoman looking gorgeous herself in a grey (such a fine wippitty colour!) cardy?

madwippitt said...

No, afraid not Joan. The Madwoman is neither gorgeous not a wearer or cardies, grey or any other colour. She is the one behind the camera :-)

Joan Lennon said...

One of these days they'll invent a paw-friendly camera, and then what larks!

Susan Price said...

Having met the Madwoman in person, I can tell you that she is quite lovely in every way, whatever those whippets say. And has added to her wonderful collection of curious and beautiful things, I see.