Monday, 3 November 2014


No sooner had we recovered from all the excitement of having birthdays
than Halloween was upon us.
We went for our usual Halloween Ghost walk at Chiltern Open Air Museum. 
Except for the teddy bear massacre. 
We found that deeply disturbing and no matter how much
the Madwoman coaxed, cajoled and reassured us,
refused to go anywhere near it.
We found the pumpkin that the Madwoman carved ...
and some hard hats pulling faces and making rude hand signals ...

Yeah, definitely a Nazgul. We can tick that off in our
Eye-Spy book of British Wildlife now

And the infamous teddy bear massacre ...

And this is the pumpkin the Madwoman carved for our own front door at home ...
and the stone wippitts all lit up with their lanterns


Joan Lennon said...

What a talented carver that Madwoman is! I'd no idea.

Susan Price said...

I agree. All sorts of talents, that madwoman. Those wippets don't appreciate her.

madwippitt said...

Of course we appreciate her. And her roast turkey :-)