Monday, 11 February 2013

More white stuff

It snowed AGAIN!
We heard that it's important to consume enough calories in cold weather, so Angel checked under the bird feeder for fallen grub ...

No food so Angel kept warm by taking her stuffed bunny
for a rrraaaaarrrrrr round the garden instead
Archie showed that wippitts can be just as good as any St. Bernard by rescuing his stuffed rat from a snowdrift ...
... and bringing it indoors to warm up.

 We're now thawing out next to the radiator while waiting for
the Madwoman to serve elevenses.
She's actually cooked us some roast turkey and has promised games
later since we're snowbound and can only go running in the garden!


Joan Lennon said...

Well, we've had nothing but grey rain - your snow really does look preferable - send it north, if you've had enough!

madwippitt said...

Joan, you are more than welcome to it! Sit tight and we'll try huffing and puffing and blowing it your way!

Joan Lennon said...

... and today it arrived! Good huffing, you lot!