Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Victorian Barbecue

We were rudely woken from our sunbathing and taken out on another eductional expedition today.
Guess where?
Yes, you've got it, the Open Air Museum again.
This time it was to see a Diamond Jubilee being celebrated Victorian-style.

This is the Victorian barbecue.
Notice the way the sheep in the field behind them have all moved off as far away from the mint sauce as possible.
And this is someone playing a hurdy gurdy.
Nothing to do with Swdish chefs apparently.
It's a bit like a cross between a violin, bagpipes and a piano and dates back to at least 500 AD.
We think someone must have been really bored to have come up with this idea.

Finally! The bit we had been waiting for! The barbie is ready!
This, we assume, is the camping-out equivalent of a Victorian street party.
Were we invited to try any?
We left.

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