Monday, 9 January 2012

Squeak along with Angel!


Guess what we got for Christmas?

Feel free to grab a squeaky toy of your own and join in!


Joan Lennon said...

Oh dear - 17 seconds of squeaky toy is about my limit - you must have the patience of a mad woman!

madwippitt said...

Joan, you are obviously a highly discerning listener. We have several minutes of toy squeaking on video which we feel are of superior quality to this clip, which was chosen for its brevity rather than musicality. Since you are an evident connoiseur, we would be happy to email it to you!

Joan Lennon said...

AGGGHHHH! Run away! Run away!

madwippitt said...

Joan, running will do you no good. We are wippitts and sooner or later we will catch up with you. We never say ni to our fans - we are the wippitts who squeak!