Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bean there, done that

Good ... but not as good as Kongs

Once again the Madwoman has been hogging the computer all week, so we have had no chance to post: the only reason we're on now is because she's otherwise distracted for a few minutes in the kitchen. Baking treats for us? No. Blanching beans or some such nonsense. Apparently the next glut of produce from the allotment is about to be damsons - equally useless as far as we're concerned. In between the jam-making, blanching, preserving and chutneying she's complaining about people who never return jars and as we said before, hogging the computer. But we don't care - we know how to entertain ourselves. We've just played tag round the dining room table and in a minute we're planning to stare at the Madwoman until, overcome with guilt, she gets out a stuffed Kong for us. We know there are a couple of frozen ones in the freezer, so we won't be fobbed off with anything less. Those blue pyramids which you have to bat around to get the treats out of them are alright, but a bit like hard work for what you get out of them. Kongs are much better.

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