Saturday, 22 October 2016

Dressed to thrill

After much patient hanging around,
the Madwoman finally got herself organised
and we headed off for a walk.
We helpfully provided instructions along the way,
and occasionally enquired whether we were there yet.

When we did arrive (at Chiltern Open Air Museum - where else on a
sunny Saturday morning? Or on a wet one, come to that)
we found the giant pumpkin was still there, although it appeared to have
magically moved itself off the pumpkin patch.
We felt right at home mingling with it, since - as the more observant
among you may have spotted - we have donned our
special Halloween collars.  

Monday, 17 October 2016

Catching up

We were going to blog yesterday, we really were.
Unfortunately, after a stroll around Chiltern Open Air Museum, 
we were overtaken by indolence ...
But here's what we saw there as we caught up on all
the happenings that had been happening since Angel was ill.
 Thatching has started at Leagrave Cottages.
We are looking forward to seeing a straw whippet running
along the top when it is completed.
We did a quick Health & Safety check and were pleased to see
that someone has thoughtfully placed  padding round the scaffolding
at whippet head height.
And then we looked at the giant pumpkin, and entered the competition
to guess how much it weighed.
We reckoned about two and a half wippitt-weight.
Unfortunately guesses had to be in metric so we made
the Madwoman sit down in the wet grass and remove her boots and socks
so she could do the calculations on fingers and toes, and convert that into kilos. 

As we seem to be playing catch-up, here is a pic of when Angel was poorly,
with Archie acting as Head Nurse and assistant Worrier.
(The Madwoman was the Head Worrier and Wielder of the Thermometer)

And here is Angel with the card kindly sent by Penny Dolan ...

Tomorrow it is Angel's 11th birthday, and we have been promised a special
elevenses for her elevenses.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Back soon!

We are planning our blogging come back - Angel has been very poorly and is now convalescing, so blogging hasn't been uppermost on our minds recently. We both have birthdays coming up - Angel next week and Archie the week after, so need to concentrate on being up to full strength for that. Our Madwoman thinks we don't know about the presents she has 'hidden' on top of the fridge. Ha! Not much gets past us ...