Sunday, 26 June 2016

Big questions are being asked ...

The wall at Haddenham Cottage at Chiltern Open Air Museum has an
especial fascination for us - it poses so many unanswered questions
For example, how come those tiles don't all slide off the table?
Who forgot to bring the scissors?
And yesterday the most important question of all.
As you can see, the wall appears to have set up a marquee, which
can mean only one thing - it is planning a party.
Will there be sucking pig at it?
And why haven't we been invited?



Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Grand Day In

We are having an at-home day today as our chariot of delights got a puncture yesterday.
This means that the Madwoman won't drive it anywhere until the puncture on what is now the spare tyre is repaired on Monday. And means that if we aren't going out for a walk, then we keep her busy amusing us. So far this morning we have played Squeak the Bunny and Chase the Ball, followed by Ignore the Bunny and Ignore the Ball (too funny for words watching the Madwoman prance around the lawn with them trying to reignite our interest), then we had a pedicure (PFFFT) followed by grooming and a bit of snuffle mat foraging time ... we have just finished elevenses.
We have now retired to our beds for a quick nap while waiting to see what entertainments she is going to provide this afternoon.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Yes, it has been a bit of a pooey weekend ... but not in a bad way.
We went for our usual weekend ramble (or in the Madwoman's case, stumble over her own feet - she lacks our elegance and grace: another of her many faults) around Chiltern Open Air Museum, and found that the medieval peasants had moved in.

No shrubberies round here ...
No sucking pig either ...
There is never sucking pig.
We could become disillusioned but fortunately
we are eternal optimists and live in hope that maybe next time ...
But what's this?
Proof that the peasants were revolting ...*
We marvelled at the extensive knowledge of the Keeper of the Bogs.
But we still have no answer to the mystery of why the Madwoman collects our
poo, but gets grumpy if we roll in it.
Or what she does with our poo, having collected it.
We reckon she presses it like dried flowers and has an album full 
secretly stashed away somewhere.
Mean of her not to share it -
we consider ourselves to be connoisseurs in our own small way. 
* Yes, we know it's a really old joke, but someone has to say it.
And there might actually be someone who hasn't heard it before.

Monday, 6 June 2016


We did a six hour round car trip to the outskirts of Bath yesterday.
The reason?
So the Madwoman could get her ginger horse to do selfies.

Kiss my nose!
And give me that carrot!
  I think you'll agree that the selfies were a
bit of a waste of time.
Flash just has not mastered the art of it like we have.
Working up a pre-lunch appetite.
And getting photobombed by Tilley Farm
But we did get a quick walk up the track, plus a picnic lunch and to
say hello to our doggodmother Sarah Fisher,
so possibly not a complete waste of time.
Although we could wish that Bath was a bit closer.

Exhausted by all that driving.
Time for a short nap.