Wednesday, 29 January 2014

When good balls go bad

Yes, I know it's a ball.
But it's not the one I want.
I happen to know for a fact that the one I do want
is in your pocket.
No, I am not prepared to make do with this one.
And no, I am not being fussy, I am being selective.
There IS a difference you know.
Or perhaps you don't.
That would explain your inability to tell the difference between
good tennis balls and bad ones ....

Saturday, 25 January 2014

I see penguins

The Madwoman went off to a sale at the local garden centre.
Did she buy any nice plants for us to sniff at and pee on?
No, this is what she came back with.
We have no idea why. 

What penguin?
I see no penguin.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Case of the Curious Molehill

We foiled a cunning plot at the Chiltern Open Air Museum!
Well, we alerted the Madwoman to it at any rate.
Whether she takes any action is another matter ...
We set off through the mist.
We can be very intrepid like that.
We followed a trail of molehills, and found they led to, and under the fencewhich
stops the sheep from getting at the haystack.
We suspect that the sheep might have put the moles up to it, although
they obviously forgot one important detail: the tunnel needs to be a bit bigger
if they're going to get to the hay.
Unless the moles will be smuggling the hay out to them, a few blades at a time.
We shall of course be keeping a close eye on developments ...
Aha! We have used our little grey cells
and made a deduction!
Elementary dear Madwoman!
We found this too.
No idea what it is.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Bunny Game

Today, a masterclass on playing the Bunny Game from Angel:

As soon as you spot where the Madwoman has hidden
your favourite stuffed squeaky bunny, zoom after it
at top speeeeeeed .....

Pounce on it! 

Run back to the Madwoman with it, but on the way,
toss it to one side. 
(This ensures that the Madwoman gets some exercise going to pick it up.)

Trample the bunny underfoot, to ensure it
doesn't assume it is more important than the game.
There's no 'I' in bunny.

Nom, nom, nom.
Nonchalently await your reward from the Madwoman.
Oh, come on, get on with it!
Let's hope your Madperson is a bit quicker about getting
their fingers in the treat pouch.
Repeat as many times as you feel like playing, or until
the Madwoman runs out of treats. 
Practice throwing the bunny away in progressively more flamboyant ways ...

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wippitt weather

This is more like it!
No wind, no rain and there's even a bit of sunshine ... not too hot, not too cold, 
but just right for a bit of mooching as well as doing zoomies and playing games.

Helloooo little voleys ... come out, come out, wherever you are ...

Monday, 6 January 2014

Twelfth night fun and games

It was 12th Night yesterday, so the Madwoman
took all the Christmas decorations down.
Naturally we offered to help.
As everyone knows, the best way to make chores more fun
is to make a game out of them.
So as the Madwoman put things into the box,
Archie took them out and ran off with them.
After all, everyone likes a game of chase, don't they?
And while the Madwoman was busy chasing Archie and getting the decoration back,
Angel went and fetched one out too. And then while the Madwoman was chasing her, Archie went back to the box - well, you get the idea, don't you?

Eventually the Madwoman got fed up and put the lid on the box.
We could have kept playing this game for ages,
but the Madwoman has no stamina.
She is such a partypooper.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Weather stuff

We have, as we said before, been
exceptionally busy, working our paws to the bone to help
the Madwoman with her Advent calendar and 12 Days of Christmas pics.
It hasn't left us a lot of time for blogging, but the festive season is now nearly over so things should be back to normal again soon. 

Today is the 10th day of Christmas.
The willpower this took was phenomenal.
No wonder we have been too weary to blog.
Nevetherless, the Madwoman decreed that today we would go out and do
zoomies and have fun. It started out okay, with bright blue skies.
Then with no warning at all, the sky turned purple, there was thunder and lightning and then hail, at which point we beat a retreat to the car.
Remind us again why we're out here?
Oh yes, we're having fun.
Can we go home now?